Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1
Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world1




Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world

Peng Xiaoyan: Be a follower of the design world

Sitting next to Peng Xiaoyan, she will always be attracted by her hand.

Peng Xiaoyan, a white T-shirt with dark green trousers and a baseball cap on his head, satisfies all people's imagination about the profession of "designer".

What doesn't fit in with the stylish and exquisite appearance is a pair of hands that are not so well maintained: the complexion is a few degrees darker than the skin on the face, and the dryness is visible to the naked eye. It is clearly known that this is the hands of a craftsman.

"Like the little prince said, the things that you domesticated are related to yourself. Only by slowly grinding them out will you have feelings." So many years, Peng Xiaoyan has never perverted his work once. The ten-jin flower pot said that she would move, and use bricks to make her own model, which is one of her daily routines.

The entrepreneurial spirit of this issue is in Tianan. Let us walk into Shengming Interior Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shengming") and approach this chaser of the design world.


Just do it

Peng Xiaoyan and Dongguan have a sweet start.

Peng Xiaoyan, who graduated from the Workers' Democratic Association, was assigned to the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau after graduation. Because of his young age and junior qualifications, Peng Xiaoyan was the "photographer" in the office for a long time, specializing in serving tea and water and copying materials This kind of life makes Peng Xiaoyan very anxious. She even thought that if you continue like this, you may not need to be forty years old, will I be useless?

At that time, Peng Xiaoyan's boyfriend, and now her husband, was working at the Sanhe Design Institute in Dongguan. Peng Xiaoyan, who missed her boyfriend, came to Dongguan from Hunan on a holiday. As a result, Peng Xiaoyan worked as a non-staff in the Design Institute for a long time as a "family member". In this process, design teams from different countries and different professions, their efficiency and imagination have a great impact on the fledgling Peng Xiaoyan.

As if the sky was breaking, Peng Xiaoyan suddenly understood what he wanted.

"I must go to Guangdong and Dongguan!" It is difficult for Zhiyi to do things, and Peng Xiaoyan is indeed a person who unites knowledge and practice. Without half hesitation, she left the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, which appeared to be a golden rice bowl. In 2002, shortly after graduation, Peng Xiaoyan went to Dongguan alone and entered Sanhe as a designer.

At this time, Peng Xiaoyan was really starting her career as a designer. In a very condensed, high-density, high-efficiency teamwork, she little by little stored energy and professional strength as a designer.

"I'm the kind of Xiang sister who does everything." Peng Xiaoyan joked, in 2006, 26-year-old Peng Xiaoyan left the design institute and started her first business with her husband to undertake interior decoration design projects for clients.

Relying on the professional training of the past few years, Peng Xiaoyan has accumulated the trust of a large number of customers. The business problems that entrepreneurs are troubled by, Peng Xiaoyan has almost never encountered it, and the old customers continue to introduce new orders to them.

At the most exaggerated time, they had undertaken 57 sets of home design projects in a real estate in Huangjiang.

This entrepreneurship allowed young Peng Xiaoyan and her husband to successfully take root in this unfamiliar city. The highly repetitive work also made Peng Xiaoyan feel tired, and even derived the idea of not wanting to do design anymore.

Sheng Ming

In the same way that he resolutely left Hunan and left the Design Institute to start a business, in 2008, Peng Xiaoyan, who thought he could no longer enjoy his work, shut down a company with good business without hesitation. But she had no clue what to do next and where her future was.

So, she plunged herself into the Dongguan Library. Peng Xiaoyan's reading is not a passing time, she is down-to-earth and wants to sink herself into her studies.

"So thick notes, I made 20 copies." Peng Xiaoyan compared to the author, "I was asking myself, what the hell do I want."

In those three months, she was thinking about her future while looking for answers in the book. Whenever she thought of an alternative in the gym, nail salon, and beauty salon, she read the book to check the information, and rejected one by one.

Until one day, she received a text message from the customer.

I heard that she did not intend to engage in design, and the client was very sorry. I specially sent her a message: "I heard people say you don't want to do design anymore. I really feel sorry. I think you are a personal talent. It is a pity not to do this."

It was this sentence that made Peng Xiaoyan, who had made up her mind no longer touch the design, was very touched. She turned various entrepreneurial ideas in her mind, and finally found that, well, she still likes design.

It's just that this time, Peng Xiaoyan is determined to do what she likes and do "more valuable design".

 "Only do the best part in the industry, and cut off the parts that are not good." In 2009, Peng Xiaoyan founded Shengming. This sentence in "Cutting Marketing" allowed her to determine Shengming's position: only to do high-end in the industry design.

In Dongguan in 2009, design often existed as a "header" for home improvement, and very few people were willing to pay specifically for design. When starting a business, the company received very few orders and low design fees. Even after ten years, Peng Xiaoyan still clearly remembered that the first design order was only 12,000 yuan.

The company's business colleagues persuaded her to undertake some home improvement orders to help, Peng Xiaoyan insisted that no matter how difficult it is, no more worthless design.

Travel around Europe

There is a sentence mentioned in "Cutting Marketing": It is not that there is no opportunity, but that I am not skilled enough. If the skill is enough, there will be opportunities. Peng Xiaoyan took it seriously, so she made a decision: to study in Europe.

At that time, Sheng Ming was in the most difficult stage of entrepreneurship, losing money for ten consecutive months without income.

This decision surprised everyone around him, but Peng Xiaoyan felt that since there was not enough business, he should study. She knows that in the architectural design industry, to allow customers to recognize and even produce works that exceed customer expectations, Ping An Yu will only go backwards and forwards. She must go to the world's most cutting-edge design places to learn and feel.

So, in 2010, Peng Xiaoyan, who had just given birth to a child, overdrawn the credit card and traveled to Europe. Living in the highest-class hotel and eating the best restaurant, she laughed at herself as "the poor have done a local affair."

Going to Europe, Peng Xiaoyan relied solely on her loneliness. After many years, she also confessed that she seemed full of confidence that year, she had no bottom of heart, and she did not know whether her choice was right or not.

However, the fact quickly gave her the answer she wanted.

Less than a week after returning from Europe, Peng Xiaoyan re-designed a high-end hotel that had spent more than 8 million yuan on renovations but could not open with the content he learned in Europe.

In 15 days, an item that had been determined to be irreparable was revitalized.

This project not only allowed Peng Xiaoyan to get the highest single design money in her career at the time, but also enabled hotel shareholders to become her customers, thus Sheng Ming truly opened up the high-end design market.

Continuous learning

This trip to Europe opened a new world for Peng Xiaoyan.

From her perspective, "learning is the first productive force" has almost become one of her life creeds. Going out to study every year has also become a reserved project of Peng Xiaoyan and the team, from once a year to at least three times a year. In 2018, Peng Xiaoyan went to Europe three times, once to Japan and Thailand five times, and the time is getting longer.

"In the beginning, it was to see, to imitate. It is different now. It is to appreciate the culture of others and think about the design concepts of others. The depth is different and the time required is different." Last year, Peng Xiaoyan went to Italy to study a I have watched more than 30 exhibitions for more than a month, and it takes more than ten hours to attend classes and see exhibitions every day.

In addition to this field experience learning, Peng Xiaoyan also signed up for the EMBA.

Unlike many entrepreneurs who sign up for circle communication, Peng Xiaoyan's purpose is very simple: to learn. In 18 courses, Peng Xiaoyan did not add any water, and even the headmaster said bluntly that her graduation thesis was the most exciting.

This time, she got rid of the misunderstandings of past obsessive design language and learned to design thinking from the perspective of management.

As if a certain switch was turned on, after that, Peng Xiaoyan went to Barcelona Design Institute and Milan Polytechnic University to study further. As a designer, he came into contact with the world's top teachers and peers.

"One day the professor gave us homework, let us go to the city to listen to the sound, and I heard tears." Peng Xiaoyan still remembers the romance and tenderness felt in those four hours, the skater girl and the gentle father, the sound of fallen leaves and birds , The old couple kissing at the door of the convenience store ... let her feel the continuity and temperature of vitality for the first time.

This is a higher level of emotional resonance between the designer and the city.

And these, all of them are silently expressed in Sheng Ming's works.

Remember the first heart

In 2017, Peng Xiaoyan and her husband fell in love with the open office environment of Dongguan Tianan Digital City, an enterprise park, and Sheng Ming came to Tiancheng, Nancheng.

In fact, Peng Xiaoyan's design concept of "introducing nature and light" is also in line with Tianan Digital City's concept of constructing an industrial city space that integrates science, innovation, humanities and nature.

Walking into Shengming, you can see that the sunlight is kept in the staff office area to the maximum extent. And Sheng Ming ’s terrace is a rural scene rarely seen in a reinforced forest. Lemon, litchi, bluegrass, fold ear root, ginseng fruit ...

The name of the company printed at the entry point is that Peng Xiaoyan reminds himself that he will always encounter various problems in his work.

At the most confused time, a text message from the client made her renew her confidence in the design. "Sheng" represents the company's glorious future. The word "ming" means that even if the company is famous for a long time, never forget this gratitude Do n’t forget the original intention of chasing the design dream.

"Show me my work!" Peng Xiaoyan happily opened her mobile phone and computer, and introduced her design works to every family. Every picture, every project, even a stone pier has a story.

Eighteen years later, Peng Xiaoyan, who came to Dongguan, has blossomed in love, and her career has gone to a new level. When she talks about her works, she is full of beauty and envy.

In the last words

It can be said that entrepreneurs are one of the most anxious, most urgent, and most motivated people in this world. The acceleration of economic and social renewal iterations and the brutal pursuit of the capital world are forcing entrepreneurs to constantly acquire new knowledge elements and capture future trends.

From this perspective, Peng Xiaoyan, a Xiang sister who loves to study, is undoubtedly one of the prerequisites for becoming an entrepreneur.

The most impressive thing about this meeting with Peng Xiaoyan is that this is really a girl with warm vitality and high energy.

In order to self-study marketing, I read more than 300 related books; if I ca n’t figure it out, I hide in the library and read books; I go to different countries and regions every year to study, just finish a course, and can quickly invest in the next journey .

What is even more rare is that she can integrate this passion and attitude of learning into her work and life persistently, and truly realize that life is about learning.

I personally think that this is the reason why she can always control her life from the past to the present, even if she is confused. After all, no matter how the society changes, no matter what occupation you are in, people who love to read will always have more confidence and choice.