Villa case published in Dongguan Daily: Overall coordination is comfortable




Villa case published in Dongguan Daily: Overall coordination is comfortable

Villa case published in Dongguan Daily: Overall coordination is comfortable

Some owners often ask this question: What should I do with my TV background? In fact, this is not correct. TV backgrounds or other designs cannot be separated from the entire space. Otherwise, the parts are pretty, but the whole is not coordinated, just like the patchwork, I feel uncomfortable. But non-professionals do n’t know where it ’s uncomfortable, which is why the overall effect is not well understood.

From the work of designer Peng Xiaoyan, the reporter saw a way of blurring the space and hiding the design, turning blunt things into invisible, which conveyed a comfortable feeling well.

Case Information

Changping a community villa

Area: 300 square meters

Project cost: 1.2 million yuan

Design: Sheng Ming Design Designer Peng Xiaoyan

Comfort comes from the overall feeling

The entire living room of this villa looks very simple, with marble paving, no complicated decorative effects, and no too many decorative shapes, but it is very comfortable. The comfortable feeling comes from the overall atmosphere and an emotion.

The entire living room is not very large, only 4.8 meters. As the living room of the villa, it should be sufficiently generous. Designer Peng Xiaoyan said, "The main TV of the villa is generally large enough. If the background wall is too complicated, it will affect the audio-visual effect. The design pursues the overall effect and pays attention to the harmony of color, space and plane layout."

Peng Xiaoyan said that a good designer should consider the overall space, from the overall layout, color blocks, virtual space and physical space, to grasp the overall situation, and then on the basis of the overall effect, then do the details.

The reporter noticed that in the upper part of the living room, the designer used the treatment of the blurred wall surface and adopted a large-area mirror to dissolve the protruding part into the invisible; the entrance door of the entertainment room was hidden and hidden in the vertical stripe panel Medium, making it part of the TV background.

Why do you want to make an invisible door, and virtual space? It is considered as a whole, and the door is turned into an invisible background, otherwise it will feel that a wall has a missing corner and is uncomfortable.

This kind of blurred space and invisible treatment can be seen in many places, such as the ceiling shape of the master bedroom, vacating the position of air conditioners and beams, and dividing the sleeping and living space functions in the change.

Use color to create atmosphere

These are two sets of designs for a 12-year-old girl ’s bedroom. First, the shape on the wall is very eye-catching, simple and full of change. Designer Peng Xiaoyan said that considering the girl ’s nature, she likes to put various toys, photo frames and other accessories in her bedroom. A vividly decorated decorative partition is very practical; the entire partition is naturally integrated with the computer desk and The width gradually narrows, which will not make the head of the bed feel oppressive;

Children like bright colors, the bedside wallpaper is flamboyant and gorgeous, but in order to avoid being too full and too simple, the designer deliberately placed a mirror behind the decorative laminate. The shiny luster and material break the dullness of the entire wall;

Second, it creates a warm feeling of roses in the room and avoids the position of the beams and pillars of the room. The original building has a 4 cm protruding part. The designer skillfully made the protruding part into a symmetrical layer background to form a recessed type Bedside background modeling.

Finally, the owner chose the second option, the reason is that it can meet the needs of children after they grow up.

The bedside part of this suite adopts the same design idea, dismantles the front wall, expands the space, and makes a sufficient wardrobe and desk to meet the needs of different functions.

Invisible door hidden in shape

The boy's room highlights the sense of technology and fashion. The 18-year-old youth is closer to the aesthetic appeal of fashion and conciseness. The designer boldly adopts black and gray tones in the use of materials, and the floor is black and gray, which is cool; The gray mirrors have wide strips interlaced, the lines are tough, and the metal color is luster;

At the end of the bed, the door to the cloakroom is made into an invisible door, hidden in the overall shape of a TV projection. The door has an automatic closing device, usually the door is always closed, the background is symmetrical, the TV is placed in the middle, the shape is complete, the door is not noticed at all, the design is seamless and very complete.