Design points of various classic design styles




Design points of various classic design styles

Design points of various classic design styles

The modern Chinese style is also known as the new Chinese style. It is the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in the context of the current era; it is a contemporary design based on a full understanding of the current Chinese culture. The "new Chinese style" is not pure elements, but the combination of modern elements or traditional elements through traditional cultural knowledge, with the aesthetic needs of modern people to create things with traditional charm, and let the vein of traditional art be passed on. .

The new Chinese furniture emphasizes simple and smooth lines and delicate interior design. Through the characteristics of Chinese style, it expresses the implicit and dignified spirit spirit of the Eastern style. The furniture style is mainly classical, and its patterns and colors are also Chinese style. The composition is mainly reflected in traditional furniture (mostly Ming and Qing furniture), ornaments and decorative colors mainly in black and red.

Because the material feel of the new Chinese style retains the material style derived from typical Ming and Qing furniture, it uses mahogany color to maintain the unique Chinese characteristics of the traditionally thick and dignified. -Between 5300K, warm and neutral light sources are dominant, highlighting the rich and simple style of new Chinese furniture, while metal halide lamps and halogen lamps with high color rendering and large luminous flux can vividly display furniture colors , The classical charm and traditional beauty of the new Chinese style are fully reflected.

 Modern minimalist style

Modern minimalism originated from the Western modernism in the early 20th century. The famous saying "Less is more" by European modernist architect Mies Vander Rohe is considered to represent the core idea of minimalism. The characteristic of the minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, but the requirements for the texture of colors and materials are very high. Therefore, the simple space design is usually very subtle, and it can often achieve the effect of winning less and more, and simple and complex. Now life is fast and the space is relatively compact, so the modern minimalist style has become one of the main styles people choose.

The modern minimalist style has the following characteristics:

(1) Emphasis on functional design, simple and smooth lines, strong color contrast, this is the characteristics of modern style furniture.

(2) A large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials. It is also a common decoration method in modern style, which can give people a strong and unconstrained feeling.

(3) Due to the simple lines and few decorative elements, modern-style furniture needs perfect soft fitting to show its beauty. Columns such as sofas need cushions, dining tables need table cloths, beds need curtains and bed linens, and soft decoration is the key to modern style furniture decoration.

European classical style

European style mainly refers to Western classical style. This style emphasizes the magnificent decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve the decorative effect of Yongronghuagui. The European-style living room needs furniture and soft decoration to create the overall effect. Dark oak or maple furniture, and colorful fabric sofas are the main characters of the European-style living room. Romantic Roman blinds, exquisite oil paintings, and well-made sculptures and crafts are all indispensable elements of the European style.

European-style classical lighting design should focus on grace and luxury, so the choice of color temperature is generally 2500-3500K, forming a magnificent feature. This style requires relatively high color rendering of lamps, golden metal parts, and exquisite cloth decoration. , As well as oil paintings and Roman curtains in space embellishment, all have higher requirements for color rendering.

Nordic country style

In the Nordic interior decoration style, wood occupies a very important position. The wood used in Scandinavian-style rooms is basically logs that have not been finely processed. This wood retains the original color and texture of the wood to the maximum extent, and has a unique decorative effect. In addition to wood, the decorative materials commonly used in the Nordic interior decoration style are stone, glass and iron, etc., but all of them retain the original texture of these materials without exception. A Scandinavian-style home space, mainly in light colors: white, beige, light wood, etc., and the materials are made of natural elements, such as wood, rattan, soft and rustic burlap, etc. The materials and colors used They are compatible, and the proportions are properly selected. If you want to make some decorative changes, you need to master the key points; use the natural elements that are indispensable in the Nordic style, add a little bit of other materials such as metals, and then consider whether the color matching is harmonious. Scandinavian-style lighting design generally adopts a design with a relatively high color temperature, which is between 2700-3500, and metal materials do not need to be focused on.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style has unique aesthetic characteristics. Generally choose natural pastel colors, pay attention to space matching in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, integrate decoration and application, avoid trivial in combination matching, appear generous and natural, exude ancient and noble pastoral atmosphere and cultural taste ; Its unique Roman column-like decoration lines are simple and lively, exuding the atmosphere of ancient civilization. In the use of color, soft and elegant light tones are often chosen to reflect the original meaning of its pastoral style. The Mediterranean style uses arched glass with ancient history, soft light, and wood furniture. It uses modern craftsmanship to present an interesting local style; the Mediterranean colors are indeed too rich, and due to the sufficient light, all colors are saturated It is also very high, reflecting the most brilliant side of the color. Therefore, the color characteristics of the Mediterranean are that it does not need to be artificial, and it is presented in its original color. Pure color combination of “Mediterranean style”: Spain ’s azure coast and white sand beaches, Greece ’s white villages under the blue sea and blue sky are simply dreams, southern Italy ’s sunflower fields flow in the sunlight golden, southern France ’s lavender blue The rich color combination of purple fragrance, red-brown and earth-yellow in natural landscapes such as North Africa's unique deserts and rocks.

Unique decoration method of "Mediterranean style":

      1. The furniture should use wooden furniture with low chroma, simple lines and rounded edges. The ground is covered with terracotta or slate.

      2. Mosaic mosaics and collages are relatively gorgeous decorations in the Mediterranean style. Mainly use materials such as small stones, ceramic tiles, shellfish, glass flakes, glass beads, etc., and then creatively combine after cutting.

      3. Indoors, curtains, doilies, sofa covers, lampshades, etc. are dominated by low-color shades and cotton fabrics. The elegant small fine floral striped lattice pattern is the main style.

      4. Unique forged iron furniture is also a unique aesthetic product of Mediterranean style. At the same time, Mediterranean-style homes should also pay attention to greening. Climbing plants are common household plants, and small and cute green potted plants are also often seen.

The characteristics of the Mediterranean style require that the lighting has two characteristics: high color temperature and high color rendering. A higher color temperature is adopted to achieve the characteristics of blue sea and blue sky. At the same time, due to the richness of the colors of the Mediterranean, the color rendering requirements of the lamps are higher. Despite the use of lamps with high color temperature, the light needs to have a soft characteristic, so the choice of contrast should be considered when the basic functions are met.

Japanese style

An important feature of Japanese style is its naturalness. It often uses natural materials as decorative materials, using wood, bamboo, bark, grass, soil, stone, etc., which not only pays attention to the selection of materials and the rationality of structure, but also fully demonstrates the beauty of its natural materials. The wooden parts are only simple The natural color of the ground is removed, and it is decorated with gold-plated or copper utensils, reflecting the fusion of man and nature. The Japanese-style living room is bland and modest, elegant and refined, and full of Zen. Therefore, the entire lamp should pay attention to the change of light and dark levels. The color tone is generally warm color temperature, and the basic lighting is generally diffused with a hood to form a soft light. In addition to the choice of basic lighting fixtures, rattan lamps, sheepskin lamps, bamboo lamps, etc. will be selected as decorations.

Tranquil pastoral style

European-style pastoral style: focus on the performance of nature, but different pastoral has different nature, and then also derived from a variety of furniture styles, Chinese, European, and even the pastoral style of South Asia, each with its own characteristics, each Each has its own beauty.

Is mainly divided into English and French pastoral styles. The former is characterized by gorgeous fabrics and handmade production. Floral patterns, stripes, Scottish grid, every kind of fabric is full of local flavor. The furniture materials mostly use pine wood, tsubaki wood, and the production and carving are all handmade, very particular. The latter feature is the whitewashing of furniture and bold color matching. The whitewashing of the furniture can make the furniture present a classic beauty, and the combination of red, yellow and blue colors reveals the fertile landscape of the land, and the simplified curling curve and exquisite decoration of the chair corner are also French elegant country life Embodiment.

For the pastoral style, the lighting generally uses neutral light between 3500-4600K, and the illuminance is relatively high, reflecting the sunny natural atmosphere. The entire lighting design should not be too jumpy, and the transition should be relatively natural and gentle. In general, the color rendering requirements are not high, but the fabric materials should use lamps with relatively high color rendering.

Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asian style decoration, the materials used in the interior are mostly taken directly from nature. Due to the hot and humid climate, it brings abundant plant resources; wood, rattan and bamboo have become the first choice for interior decoration. Southeast Asian furniture is mostly made from local materials, such as Indonesian rattan, seaweed in the Malaysian river channel and Thailand's wood veneer and other pure natural materials, exuding a strong natural atmosphere. Oak, teak, and fir are also suitable for the manufacture of modern furniture. The color is dominated by the shades of the original vines and logs, and most of them are dark in color, such as brown, and have a rustic earth in the visual experience. Coupled with the embellishment of cloth, not only does not appear monotonous, but it will make the atmosphere very lively. In the selection of fabric tones, the iconic dazzling color series of Southeast Asian styles are mostly dark, and they will change color under the light, revealing a little luxury in the calm. The Southeast Asian style has extremely high requirements for color rendering. Through the jumping lighting and the rich layers, the Southeast Asian style is warmly displayed.