If there is no design fee in your budget, and your decoration company just provides "free decoration design", treating this designer as your bestdraftsman is the way to let him play the most role. 

First of all, please ask the designer to draw the actual floor plan of your house according to the measured size of your home, combined with the plan of the house you plan to carry out. The teacher will help you draw the floor plan of each plan;

Generally, these drawings are provided for free. The difference is that most people let the designer design the floor plan (you will find that the drawings he provides are basically new and not different from others). The layout is useless. If, in turn, you design the layout plan yourself, and ask the designer to help you draw it, then this drawing will be of great use.

With these plans, the technical problems in designing DIY are basically solved. Do n’t underestimate yourself. I believe that you may be the best person to design your own home because you know the best Your own life needs, and the beauty of your home is not in the evaluation of others, it is only you.