Guangdong Shengming Engineering Design Co., LTD

Guangdong Shengming Engineering Design Co., LTD  specializing in planning and landscape design, architectural design, indoor and outdoor design. Good at providing customers with integrated design from project approval to operation. Based on the international leading vision, professional spirit and highly responsible attitude, Shengming people conduct in-depth research, analysis and precise positioning for different projects, strictly control each link, and create many valuable design works; at the same time, with artistic design to escort the investment return of customers, they become the strategic partners of many customers' investment.

In the eyes of Sheng Mingren, every design should be a fine product bearing cultural, emotional, artistic and humanistic care. It is a great honor and pursuit to endow buildings and spaces with aesthetic artistic atmosphere, unique cultural features, rich human feelings and originality in details, so as to make them have artistic value that can experience the test of time.。